Hanukkah's feast lit the lights in Tirana as well

Hanukkah's feast lit the lights in Tirana as well

The Festival of Lights, or as it is otherwise known by the Jewish community, the feast of Hanukkah, was symbolically celebrated this year in the Municipality of Tirana, through a ceremony organized by the Embassy of Israel and the Jewish Community. Mayor Erion Veliaj, who together with the chairman of the Jewish community, Amos Dojaka and the ambassador of Israel, Noah Gal Gendler, lit the candle of the holiday candles, expressed his happiness that this year this holiday was organized in the Municipality of Tirana.

"On this 8th night is a pride, a great extraordinary pleasure that we celebrate in the Municipality of Tirana. I am very proud of our Tirana, for the fact that it is a city that welcomes and tolerates everyone. Most of our families are made up of different religions and live in harmony. But, like any flower garden, if you do not water them daily, they start to dry out. Our task is to water daily the spirit and brotherhood we have with one another. I am very grateful to those who represent here the Jewish committee, which is a modest community in our city. However, like any jewel, it can be a small stone, but very precious, "said Veliaj.

He said that he feels hopeful that Albania and Israel will strengthen cooperation at the economic level.

"If we put the words where we have the heart, in addition to doing such ceremonies, we will do more together, we will increase the common economy of our countries. The most important is the cooperation with the state of Israel. This week we have a contract with a company that will make the largest data center in the Balkans, and we are also trying to orient Tirana towards information technology. "I can not wait for 2022 to be a fantastic year in the relationship between Tirana and different cities in Israel," Veliaj declared.

"It's a pleasure to be here for Hanukkah, to celebrate it all together here, as part of the community. I thank the President, the representatives of the Clergy in Albania, the US Ambassador and other personalities, that we have gathered on this so significant holiday as the Hanukkah holiday, or otherwise the festival of lights, and I hope that with the lights we turn on today, since it is also the end of the year, this light will remove the dark night, the night of Covid, and I hope that with the help of God, next year we will be in peace and prosperity, "declared Dojaka.

Meanwhile, the Ambassador of Israel, Noah Gal Gendler expressed his gratitude for the reception and organization of the Festival of Lights.