The Eid al-Fitr lunch in Tirana was served by Noizy 

The Eid al-Fitr lunch in Tirana was served by Noizy

Noizy appeared today in one of the social centers in Tirana and served Fiter Bajram lunch for needy families, elderly and disabled people.

Accompanied by the mayor Erion Veliaj, the rapper became part of the service at the "Gonxhe Bojaxhi" social center.

"I hope you are all well. Personally, I did not know that these types of centers exist. I knew that there are 1 or 2, but the fact that Tirana has 9 such, I wish that all other cities take an example from the Municipality of Tirana and help people in need, especially those affected by the earthquake. May God give you health, have patience because the most beautiful days are coming and with each other's help we can get ahead", said Noizy.

"Noizy comes here for the first time in the reconstruction area. He had not seen all these new buildings that have been built. It's very easy to bash something you haven't seen or don't like. It is very difficult to make beautiful things. The new neighborhood will give it a tremendous boost, it will return as a new center of Tirana. The construction of the Taxes and Customs building is also starting, but in the meantime there will also be a space for believers because when a new neighborhood is built, there must be civil institutions as well as religious institutions. I want to wish you all: May God give you health, life, patience, for you and your loved ones. May all those troubles be over, all those difficulties that may have happened", said Veliaj.