French MP Mireille Clapot: We admire Tirana as a capital that is implementing reforms

French MP Mireille Clapot: We admire Tirana as a capital that is implementing

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, received today in a meeting the parliamentary group of friendship France-Albania, with whom he talked about increasing relations in the economic field, information technology and youth empowerment.

The head of this group, Mireille Clapot, praised Tirana for the implementation of reforms and the extraordinary energy through its construction sites.

"Tirana conveys an extraordinary energy in all its construction sites, with the desire for urban change, without forgetting the past, but being projected towards the future. For us, the perspective of Albania's integration into the EU is especially important. We have observed and admired how a large capital is implementing reforms, but we were particularly interested in the fact that Tirana is facing very important challenges, such as ecological, water treatment, waste and transport. And all this started symbolically, with the regulation of the Tirana Clock ", said the French MP.

As he handed it to Mrs. Mireille Clapot, Clock Tower, Mayor Veliaj said that the friendship between the two countries will be further strengthened next year, when Tirana takes the baton as the European Youth Capital.

"I am very happy to welcome in Tirana a group of deputies from different French parties, but united in friendship with Albania. I appreciate it immensely that within this year, although with the pandemic and many difficulties in moving, this friendship between Albania and France has been a priority. "I can not wait to strengthen this relationship when, next year, they take the baton as the European Youth Capital, from a French city", said Veliaj.

French MP Mireille Clapot: We admire Tirana as a capital that is implementing

He stated that France and Albania will increase friendly ties, not only at the representative level, but also in the field of business.

"With the opening of the French Development Agency, with which we will have a series of construction sites, starting from the hotel behind my back, to the groups that produce energy and are helping us with water management, to increase the connections to the level of our managers and companies because our friendship formula is a formula that both parties win. I can not wait for your return to Tirana and I very much hope that in some initiatives, such as those for information technology and youth empowerment, we will find an ideal partner with you ", stressed Veliaj.

During the Donors' Conference on February 17, 2020 in Brussels, between our two countries, the agreement was signed for the start of the activity of the French Development Agency.