Athletes and athletes from 40 countries come to Tirana for the marathon

Athletes and athletes from 40 countries come to Tirana for the marathon

The Tirana Marathon has aroused the interest of athletes around the world. Athletes from at least 40 foreign countries have registered so far in the official online channels opened by the Municipality of Tirana for all those who want to be part of this event that also due to the opening after the pandemic has turned the Albanian capital into a destination , not only cultural and tourist, but now also sports. The Mayor of Tirana Erion Veliaj during a live speech in the news edition of "Top Channel" has revealed, among other things, the fact that, as never before in previous editions of the marathon, interest in Tirana increases as a result of certification for a full 42-kilometer race which finally introduces Albania to the global marathon calendar.

Athletes and athletes from 40 countries come to Tirana for the marathon

"We have over 20 countries. Apparently those who deal with sports and activities rumble such events and have eagerly awaited the first marathons that are opening. Berlin opened, Vienna opened, Tirana opened too! So, many of the athletes can hardly wait to see which are the first cities to get the courage. But I believe that the real marathon is the image of the city, so I will pray to all citizens, - we will make a day without cars like those days of the pandemic where the city breathes, where we go out in carts or bicycles, - do not obstruct the route because the certification for each year depends on how well it goes. To show the citizen! There is nothing that awaits us more on Sunday, so, especially to offer respect to foreign athletes. It is also good for the economy of the city, as it is reserved for almost every hotel, so it brings economy,

Referring to the prices which are all the contribution of the sponsors, the mayor said that the same practice has been followed, as that of certified marathons.

"It simply came to our notice then. We went from amateur to professional. For the first time, the European Federation allows Tirana to be included in the calendar of all European marathons. It will be a full race, but of course there will also be half options, or a quarter marathon. We have a premium from the sponsors, we have not affected the budget of the Municipality for this: 5 thousand euros for the first place, 3 thousand euros for the second place and 2 thousand euros for the third, both for men and women, so both categories, " stated the mayor.

Tirana Marathon 2021 comes this year with its 5th edition. The race will be held on October 17 and will have 4 categories: Marathon (42,195) Half Marathon (21, 0975 km), Tirana 10K and "We too", a category that aims to be more motivating than competitive . There will also be a "Fun Run" competition, which will take place one day before the big competition on October 16, 2021 with the youth of Tirana high schools.


Kategoria Marathon, 42K:

Third place: 2000 Euro

Second place: 3000 Euros

First place: 5000 Euros

Kategoria Half Marathon, 21K:

Third place: 1000 Euros

Second place: 1500 Euro

First place: 2000 Euro

Category 10K Tirana:

Third place: 500 Euros

Second place: 600 Euros

First place: 800 Euro

Kategoria “We too”:

Third place: 300 Euros

Second place: 400 Euros

First place: 500 Euros.