Artist Abaz Hado opens the exhibition and shows why he called it 'We Win Life'!

Artist Abaz Hado opens the exhibition and shows why he called it 'We Win

Coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of all of us. This is what happened to the artist Abaz Hado, who brings a completely different exhibition, because it started at very specific moments for the artist, where without being calmed by the earthquake, the country was hit by Covid-19.

The exhibition is entitled "We Win Life", and why it is called so, explains the artist Hado himself.

"Closing inside the walls of the house, when a few months ago it was shaken by the force of the earth's motion, our earthquake-resistant house became a fortress to a shapeless and invisible" enemy. "I decided to face it while working. very actively. But while they were in these conditions, I learn that the woman was affected by a very serious illness. This brought a kind of gloom to human harmony. Meanwhile, after a week, we received the blessed news that the granddaughter was born. my Aria, who brought back the family smile, which rekindled the optimism of our creative work. Without ending the joy of the niece, suddenly comes the news of the loss of my mother's life, a strong pain that strikes my soul…! In those moments it seemed to me as if everything was falling and rolling at a speed, without managing to make any reaction.

But when I think about what we went through, we should be grateful for the life they didn't take from us, so I titled this exhibition "We Win Life" where I try to bring a personal experience of how I went through the period of social distancing, during this difficult time. .

I believe that each of you will have something left of this exhibition, because there are moments that we have all experienced together ", says Hado.

The exhibition opens tomorrow at 19:00 at the Historical Museum.