30 years since the "Embassy Exodus", Veliaj with Dostoevsky's quote: Do we deserve to get rid of all this?

30 years since the "Embassy Exodus", Veliaj with

Tirana would lead the beginning of democratic change, when Albanians overcame fear and chose freedom in the west. To commemorate this significant event, sculptor Agim Rada immortalized in one of his works on Embassy Road, July 2, 1990, dedicated precisely to those who bravely tore the iron curtain of the communist regime and rushed towards European freedom.

During the ceremony organized on this occasion, the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj said that many of those who in those difficult moments risked their lives for freedom, today are successful entrepreneurs in the countries where they live.

"With this monument we commemorate the expression for freedom, but also the sufferings experienced in communism. I remember Dostoevsky's expression, an ironic expression: "Am I worthy of all this suffering I am going through?" Many of us, especially the generation of our parents and those who have been in political prison, have probably asked themselves like Dostoevsky: Do we deserve to get rid of all this? I believe that blessed day, the passing of that threshold, was a kind of confirmation that yes, perhaps suffering made us more worthy to seek a greater aspiration, to be dignified and noble, where today we are very proud of it. all those successful Albanians who have been integrated, who have become entrepreneurs and employers of the new wave of immigrants coming from our region ", said Veliaj.

He underlined that only by commemorating the past can our society build a better future.

"This work of Gim Rada and this cooperation between the Minister of Diaspora and the German Ambassador will be a daily reminder of those memories, episodes, stories and I believe that if we have a future as a nation, we will be remembering those things. that have happened to build a story many times better than what happened ", Veliaj emphasized.

The sculptor Rada himself recalled the personal experiences of the events of those days where he was a witness, while appealing to the ambassadors present to help Albania on its path to the European family. "We lived an absurdity, which I do not believe was similar to any other absurdity in the world. I invite and beg them as a sculptor and as an artist, since here are the ambassadors, do a little more for Albania, do a little more so that we can be by your side. Lobby in your places and we will be grateful to you as we are to this day ", said Rada.