Why does the horoscope of the ascendant matter?

Why does the horoscope of the ascendant matter?

If you're only reading your sun sign's horoscope, you'll only get a glimpse of what lies ahead.

When people ask you what your horoscope sign is, your sun sign is probably the one that comes out of your mouth for sure, as it's the easiest to understand: All you need to know is your birthday.

Although astrology, in general, has been practiced for thousands of generations, horoscopes, as we now know them with your sun sign as the primary identifier, have only been the norm since the 1930s when British astrologer RH Naylor began publishing predictions for the royal family based on their date of birth in the newspaper.

Readers were curious about their astrological predictions, so Naylor simplified his readings for them by focusing on sun signs. In the 1970s, queer and feminist newspapers began publishing a similar horoscope format, and prominent astrologer Linda Goodman brought home the importance of identifying only with your sun sign in her book, Linda Goodman's Sun Signs, in 1968.

However, when you read a horoscope for just your sun sign, you're only getting a glimpse of what's in store for the most important people or aspects of your life. Your sun sign, which is determined by the placement of the sun on the day you were born, can be an important component of your identity, but it doesn't always represent you comprehensively. Your Ascendant, yes.

The Ascendant is about your identity and your view of the world. Because of this, the horoscope for him can give you more clues about yourself.