From first to last, which of the zodiac signs keeps the table or a WhatsApp group alive?

From first to last, which of the zodiac signs keeps the table or a WhatsApp

This is the place where you will know the most popular signs from beginning to end.

From those whom the whole town and school knows, to those who hide in corners. Who keeps the WhatsApp table or group alive?


Love them or hate them, there's no escaping a Leo when they're in their natural habitat: the center of attention in group chat.


There is no one who knows how to make a frowning face smile like: Sagittarius.

**The Twins**

They're here, they're there, they're everywhere: say hello to the zodiac twins who are there to hold your hand and send just the right amount of memes or comfort during a difficult breakup. But they are the same ones who leave you in the mud when you ask them for money.


Not afraid to be the bad guy, this sign will tell you things like they are—but the magnetism of their personality means you can't get mad at them when they criticize you.


A friend to all, a Pisces is only here for good times and to spread positive energy.


In the think, feel, say pyramid, an Aries can often jump to the last step before he has time to think things through. But when you need a reality check and a serious conversation, this is the person you need in your life.


Not tending to be extremists, a Libra's popularity in group chat reflects their balanced attitude in life. They may not be universally adorable like a Leo, but they're not bottom of the list either.


They also draw attention in the middle of the pack because this earth sign is always among the first to respond at odd hours of the night, even with an emoji.


It takes a lot to handle the challenging intensity and magnitude of a Cancer's true passion. The ongoing dynamics of a group chat? No, they would rather avoid it and talk to people one on one.


Everyone wants to hear the truth, but not everyone can handle it—and somewhere in between these dynamics is a Capricorn and their not-so-hidden anxiety about not being able to find a place in the group.


The easily hurt ego present in a group chat is unfortunately not conducive to a Virgo's ability to control the situation.


The ghost of the group is Aquarius. Sometimes it's easy to forget that an Aquarian is there because they're not present in the conversation.