The month of Scorpio will be dark for these three signs of the Zodiac

The month of Scorpio will be dark for these three signs of the Zodiac

Scorpio season starts on October 23rd and will bring noticeable changes to the zodiac signs.

Scorpio is a water sign that refers to emotional security and privacy. The energy of this sign can be displayed differently for each person. But these horoscope signs can be said to await dark days:


Relationships you may have started during Libra season will now be put to the test. As Scorpio season begins, make sure you reflect on how you feel about this person. Can they be trusted? Will they respect your personal boundaries? As a sign directed by Mars, you take your independence very seriously, and a partner who respects this is the key. This season is likely to strain the dynamics of your relationship, but only to make sure it can withstand the test of time.


Scorpio season is the perfect time for you to prioritize the organization and it will give you the push you need in the right direction. This season’s fixed energy is encouraging you to prioritize your healthy routines even if you start to get bored or lose interest. It is important for you to maintain strong control over your responsibilities, but make sure you do not overdo it.


You’ve had a varied social life lately, but Scorpio season will require you to slow down the pace to rest.

In order to continue to spread your wisdom and knowledge, you need to spend enough time alone, and take care of yourself, whether by reading, meditating or writing in the diary. While this will not be the most social time of the year for you, it is necessary to press pause in order to meet your needs.