Mercury Retrograde is back. Everything you need to know

Mercury Retrograde is back. Everything you need to know
Mercury Retrograde has been officially restored starting today, May 10, 2022 and will last until June 3, 2022.

You have probably already started backing up and updating your computer, postponing the purchase of a phone, car, new home or signing up for a new job offer until June.

The universe puts the brakes on from time to time, forcing us all to turn around and fix everything that needs perfection.

Starting May 10, Mercury turns back through Gemini, then to Taurus. Initially, you will see this Retrograde be a mental stimulant.

However, you will need to pay attention to every detail.

There are still things to be resolved, especially about how you intend to move forward with a commitment you want to make.

Lately, you may have felt quite lonely in your struggle to move forward as you have had to focus on caring for someone else. If you expect them to connect with you on a more emotional level, think again. It would be wise to put aside your feelings and listen to their point of view - if you want more than you have now.

Want to take your career to the next level? Explore higher education, a new philosophy or look at foreign shores. You may even want to get more involved with someone from another country. It would be wise to delve deeper into where you want to go in the end.

No wonder your head is spinning, you have so many things to consider. Slow down and think carefully about all your options - that's Mercury Retrograde.