Retrograde Mercury Ends: Good week for these three Zodiac signs

Retrograde Mercury Ends: Good week for these three Zodiac signs

The beginning of October has been grumpy for all signs, as Mercury was in the background. Normally some have experienced it worse than others. But good news for all of you, you will now be able to breathe freely, because on October 18, Mercury retrograde will end. This month tested the strength of your relationship, creating conflicts that still need to be resolved.

Well, according to astrology, next week of October will be auspicious for these zodiac signs:


On October 23, the sun will leave behind the beautiful and balanced Libra to enter the passionate and sexy Scorpio. During this season you can take on a more transformative perspective, helping you sever the ties from which you are about to break away. Scorpio is all or nothing, and this season, you need to look deep inside and make some serious decisions. Scorpio likes to take things to the next level, so why not follow their example?


Get ready, Scorpio. By the end of this week, the sun will have officially entered your home. During your solar return, you may find yourself wondering how far you have come this year. Throughout the fighting and all the beautiful moments, you have discovered new levels of strength within you. Your personality is always growing, and now that Scorpio season is here, you can find a deeper source of self-acceptance. Take all the wisdom you have gained and think about how you want the next year to go.


You are in the middle of one of the most beautiful changes that can happen in astrology. Right now, Venus - the planet of love, luxury and friendship, is moving through Sagittarius, spreading your idea of ??romance across the cosmos. You can flirt with less effort and give an impression of yourself that is positively irresistible. Embrace your ability to be the sexiest person in all the environment around you.