This is the week of Virgo and two other signs

This is the week of Virgo and two other signs

The week will be in favor of Virgo, Libra and Scorpio. How it will affect concretely, read below.

For the Virgin

One of the things that will make this week go well for you is that you will gain something in possession and it will make you very happy. Yes, everything sounds so superficial, but who cares? Having this in hand can bring you peace of mind. You are finally becoming open to the true balance of nature, which means you can 'take' and 'give'. Liveliness is what you will experience, because of your newly found balance.


This is your season. This week will also be yours. You will have many reasons to be happy and at peace. You may have some deep thoughts and these thoughts tend to affect how you maintain balance in your life as well as how to make sure the people around you are happy. While the lives of others are not your responsibility, you like to add to their happiness, and by giving, you get. And you are a true giver, Libra, your generous soul has never disappointed you. You can expect a lot of love, praise and gratitude from the people in your life this week.


Libra period is always a good time for you too, Scorpio. You will feel powerful. This is a great week for you to exercise your prudence. You are a fan of discipline and content; You know that action is not always what needs to be done and that sometimes it is better to step back and just analyze. This kind of well-balanced action is beneficial to you and will allow you to work and play in peace, without fear of consequences. The whole week can bring you great peace and quiet.