These Zodiac signs lose control of themselves when they are in a relationship 

These Zodiac signs lose control of themselves when they are in a
A sharp, cunning and manipulative mind can reap success in life. Even if you are careful, you can not deny the fact that you may have been manipulated by someone, at least once in a lifetime. Unfortunately, it is very easy to manipulate in relationships, especially when you are madly in love.

Listed below are the signs of the Zodiac that can be easily manipulated when in love:


Gemini is considered a manipulative sign, but they lose consciousness when they are in love. They like to socialize and be friendly, and thus, their manipulative partner can take advantage of them.


People belonging to the sign of Crab, are very sensitive to emotions. And when they are in love, nothing is more important than the relationship for them. They may be overly moody at times and may even be too slow to grasp their partner's true intentions. When this sign falls in love foolishly, they will blindly follow the person they love.


The scales are very undecided. Although they can balance everything quite well, they just can not make a decision or stay true to their word. This makes it very easy for the partner to manipulate them according to their whims.


Sagittarians are very easy to manipulate mainly because they are very simple and frivolous people. They live in their imagination without much logic and this gives their partner more motivation to bend this sign according to their desire.