These zodiac signs will have a tough October in terms of money and work

These zodiac signs will have a tough October in terms of money and work

Many of us have noticed that something is wrong in recent days. We feel more nervous, sleep worse and are often late.

However, not everyone knows that these little annoyances can be explained through astrology. In fact, a transit is happening that can be problematic, especially for some people. Indeed, some zodiac signs will have a difficult October in terms of money and work according to the horoscope. Let’s see together if we fall into this unfortunate category.

The annoying effects of Mercury retrograde on all signs of the zodiac

We have all experienced a very special astral effect for a few days, namely that of Mercury retrograde in place for a few days until the end of next month. Hence the planet of communication and intellectual vitality falls into its ranks, abandoning direct movement. This results in delays and complications that have an overall impact.

It is not just a negative period: all the signs of the zodiac should take advantage of this precious opportunity to rethink some dynamics of their lives. However, some will experience it worse than others.

On the work front, the most underprivileged are Leo, Virgo and Scorpio.

The first, in fact, finds himself a little difficult in his work and struggles a lot to fulfill himself as he thinks he deserves. That is why we recommend that you take advantage of these days to create the right opportunity to seek an increase or promotion. Until early November, however, we recommend that you stay calm and not “scream” but focus only on improving your performance.

Virgo, on the other hand, meticulous as she is by nature, rarely has difficulty in her performance. Indeed, sometimes he also takes over the work of others without making any profit.

And finally, Scorpio. Scorpio is an incredibly sensitive individual on a psychological level and this often goes to his detriment. In fact, in his mind he is still anchored to certain disappointments, or the worst humiliations, suffered in years of professional situations. This attitude is counterproductive and can make him miss out on good opportunities. We therefore recommend a free time to keep these thoughts away.