These 3 horoscope signs will have the best week

These 3 horoscope signs will have the best week

Despite the ups and downs, three lucky zodiac signs will have the best week from August 1 to 7.

The crab

You're used to being everyone's favorite shoulder to cry on, but this week you're learning how to live life for yourself. Charming Venus is making your life much sweeter. So much heavenly excitement is happening in your 11th house of associations, community, which means your circle is expanding. Other people are not only inspiring you, but surprising you with an array of exciting possibilities that match your colorful vision of the future.


Something about your perception of others and the world around you is transforming (and likely catching you by surprise in the process). This can be about the aspirations, goals, and social connections you've chosen to nurture, meaning you're *finally* seeing the bigger picture. Although you don't usually like sudden changes, there's something undeniably liberating about these revelations. Some of you may also begin a lifelong friendship and/or romance amid this week's astro forecast, but it all depends on your ability to trust the process.


You're in for all kinds of surprises this week, so keep your eyes peeled! Begin by releasing your tight grip on the past and surrendering to the currents of the universe. Going with the flow is your superpower this week, because the sooner you're able to make peace with the changes ahead, the sooner you'll be able to achieve your destiny. After all, you are experiencing a number of unexpected developments right now, affecting both your personal life and your career. In terms of love and romance, some of you may bond with someone who isn't usually your "type." Keep an open mind, because an exciting new person in your life could be shaking things up. Creative collaborations and entrepreneurial opportunities are also being created for you, so go to