The first week of the Sagittarius season will be lucky for these 3 signs of the Zodiac

The first week of the Sagittarius season will be lucky for these 3 signs of the

Do you suddenly have a desire to explore the world, learn new things and meet new people? If so, you can thank the fact that the sun is now in the spontaneous, cheerful and free Sagittarius. This changeable fire sign lives by its own rules, because knowing that being afraid to do the wrong thing only hinders your potential. Let the spirit of Sagittarius season show you that there are many different ways to live your life. And if you are one of the lucky signs of the zodiac that will have the best week of November 22, 2021 - Aries, Leo or Sagittarius - then you have a lot to look forward to.


If you feel bored going to the same places and doing the same things over and over again, you will love the energy that will surround you from this week. The cosmos is encouraging you to embrace your adventurous side because you have the power to discover so many new things at the moment.


You are an incredibly artistic sign, Leo. You know you like every opportunity to create colors, poetry and music because it makes you feel alive. From this week on, you can feel your artistic sensation like the tingling sensation and your desire to create something beautiful. There is no better time to express yourself than Sagittarius season.


It's the moment you've been waiting for, Sagittarius. The sun is finally moving through your sign, helping you remember how cool you really are. Let the data show that you have changed so much compared to last year and you are starting to understand it. You may even want to do something to celebrate these changes, such as making a new hairstyle, organizing a party, or starting projects that reflect your new interests.