Horoscope for November 9 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 9 by Russell Grant


It will be your quick reactions that determine the outcome of a tense situation. This event that could have negative consequences will have a beneficial outcome thanks to your wonderful intuition. Instinct can be a wonderful guide for those like you who choose to act on it.


Someone who is creative, talented and experienced will suggest joining forces with you. If you accept, your combined talents will make you an unbeatable team. Play your cards right and it can mark another step on the ladder of success.


A creative project that you are enjoying immensely is starting to bear fruit. As you look into the future, the picture seems to be getting brighter. You may have some ambitious plans in mind, but you know that you are capable and will make every effort to achieve these goals.

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It is necessary to meet with a partner to review long-term plans of a financial nature. A few tweaks may be necessary to bring in some ideas, but these won't be half as problematic as you'd expect.


You thought about getting involved in something new. Even if you weren't looking for it, the right opportunity will present itself today. Make sure you get this one before it's gone. You feel anxious and tempted to enter a competitive event. Go ahead and take action.


You've been through good times and bad, but nothing like what you're going through now. Everything seems to be going your way. The events that happen around you make life truly worthwhile.


A new relative will be grateful for your guidance. Moreover, because you are giving them more of your time, encouragement and support, they will be able to achieve something special. Small, regular rewards will help keep them motivated.


Accept an invitation to a reunion, or take a trip to visit some old friends. Although the occasion may not be what you had in mind, it will be a treat when you see someone you never expected to see again.


You are no brainer when you decide not to go ahead with some travel plans. You are aware of the costs involved and this will likely push your budget to the limit. There is no room for complacency when it comes to domestic finances and certainly no room for extravagance.


You won't want to admit that you've run out of ideas to solve a group challenge. A teammate will have an abundance of ideas. Your frustration with someone else's meddling will turn to satisfaction when you discover that they have good interests after all.


Once you've sorted out the details of a new project and everything is underway, the problems you've been waiting to face won't come. Your careful planning in advance is proving to be worth the time and effort. It will be common sense that is guiding you now.


It is the right time for you to say yes to something that you have rejected in the past. There is a strong sense of togetherness in family and work relationships. Are you single? You may not have planned to start anything new, but a romantic relationship may develop by chance.