Horoscope for November 9 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 9 by Russell Grant


Anger at someone can be justified, but don't show it at a party. Someone at work, or a friend may have cheated on you, but that's not the fault of the person you're taking your anger out on.


It is necessary to get away from everything. Be spontaneous, take the car and go to a place that always lifts your mood. If you find it difficult to express some thoughts in words, write a letter. It will make you feel better.


In some situations an agreement can never be reached. People with strong views are against you. If you feel as strongly about this issue, you may agree that it's time for your ideas to be considered as well. Staying in one place does you no good.

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You are full of creative ideas and want to use your imagination for good. Refurbishing furniture or a redecorating project will be a great way to channel all that creativity. If there's something you haven't told a partner, the time to talk is now.


Your honesty and sincerity will impress those in leadership positions. Your boss will say good things about you, or help you climb the career ladder. Wealth is a great thing, but you don't want to be called an opportunist. Show yourself with your hard work.


Either you are overly sensitive and misunderstand someone's words, or you are entitled to a friend who upset you about something. However, what matters is that nothing was done to you on purpose.


You can have more fun, but because you're tight on income, you need to find something that won't cost too much. It doesn't matter what you do or where you go, what's important is spending time with the people you love and make you feel good.


An old colleague will be grateful for your help. They may not reward you financially, but if you are able to do them a favor, you will be in a good position to ask for something from them in the future. Everything about your time and actions today will not be forgotten.


Cast aside doubts and replace them with determination. Once you have set a goal, decide how you can achieve it, then be ready to put in the necessary effort until you reach your goal. Do not give in to doubts and fears.


Anyone who causes delay is strongly suspected to be intentional. A miscommunication will stop some plans or deals from moving forward as expected. You won't be the only one who will be annoyed by this and will be determined to find the root of the problem.


It doesn't matter how detailed the plans may be, if your boss or a colleague doesn't like them. They can be discarded. If you think the ideas you are working on could be successful, use your good judgment to make the right choice.


People are waiting for you to make a decision. Sometimes it's best to take a deep breath and decide. You may worry about upsetting someone with your choice, and yes, it should be your choice, not theirs.