Horoscope for January 9 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for January 9 by Russell Grant


You are upset about your daily plans, but you will do something to fix this. There are some people you feel you should avoid for a more peaceful life. The independent opinion of a colleague will be valuable.


It will be easier and less stressful to stick to your tasks. If you work in the media, you may have to choose your words very carefully when reporting a news story of a certain importance. Conversations with your team help you form your own judgment.


One way to please your boss would be to do what you are told. The problem is that you will not be inclined to what they ask of you. You have your own ideas and want those in high places to take them seriously.

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You are mentally alert. When it comes to the work you do every day, you can safely go on autopilot and let your instincts guide you. A contract will have to be signed at some point in the day and you will benefit in some way through legal proceedings.


You are interested in sharing ideas and many of them make sense to you. When it comes to crisis, a partner or colleague will not have the confidence to follow through. You may have to prove how much trust you have in them by taking the risk of giving them suggestions.


Work and activities that take you outside will bring you more satisfaction. That is why you will have the opportunity to meet with friends. If your job involves public relations, you will be in your field. Are you looking for work? Teaching, nursing or retail are all good options.


You can't blame your partner for relationship problems if you don't tell them how you really feel. It's not fair to them if you're unhappy but don't tell them why. Don't hide your feelings. If you can't talk to them, at least go to someone who has always given you good advice.


Trust your intuition if you feel that someone cannot be trusted. A colleague may be talking about you behind your back. Once they find out what you are planning for the long term, they will try to put obstacles in your way.


You are not sure how it will have happened, but you are expected to organize the mess of a friend, relative or colleague. You had nothing to do with this matter. You weren't even there when it happened. It will not be good for you to organize the mess of others.


All the signs are now pointing forward and you are starting to feel more optimistic. Work-related projects will have favorable prospects from a long-term perspective. Family matters are even more encouraging. Someone has some good news to bring home and your hopes are coming true.


If you are not feeling at the peak of well-being, start thinking about ways to improve your health. Don't take on more responsibility than you have to because others expect it from you. You may not be the type of person who finds it easy to say no, but you have to.


You can easily be persuaded to follow other people's suggestions, especially if it means avoiding difficult tasks. This is not the way to do things. Keep the lazy ones away. If you can't get them to join you to work, don't fall for their laziness.