Horoscope for August 9 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for August 9 by Russell Grant


Someone will offer you to spend a fascinating time that will inspire your creativity. You won't think about anything else. What starts as a hobby can turn into a money making project and getting paid to exercise your creativity will be like a dream come true.


The plans being developed for your home are likely to lead to a significant upheaval if you proceed with them. It will be worth the cost and effort. You will be fine with a new colleague or neighbor. It's still early days, but if you're single, you'll sense that something special is developing between you.


Try to convince other people to adhere to endless trials. A colleague's ideas on how to improve work efficiency will likely end up wasting your time and everyone else's. There are many distractions around you which means you are unlikely to have the opportunity to stick to your goals.

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You will welcome the opportunity to break away from routine responsibilities. Activities with friends and family will be endlessly enjoyed. It will be easier than expected to be open about your feelings. Someone will trust a secret that will reveal something unusual about the past.


There is something you feel strongly that you must do. You will regret it if you don't act on this idea. If you need support or want a partner's approval, do your best to get others to agree to go ahead with your ideas. If they don't oblige, you may just have to go on without them.


Someone you barely know is causing trouble. They may try to impress everyone, but instead of being helpful, their interest comes across as intrusive. If you realize that this person does not understand how much inconvenience it causes, it can be limited with a little courtesy.


The events and activities of the brilliant team will be where you are. You and those you work with are aligned. Friends who have just met you are impressed by you. Continue like this.


A determined and dedicated person like you is prepared to work hard to achieve results. Step by step carefully, you will reach your goal. You are not in a hurry because you know it is better to take your time. Besides, the more organized you are, the better.


Even though you are a little behind on some plans, you are still focused on your goals and will soon achieve what needs to be done. The enthusiasm and drive you and your teammates are putting into a new scheme will give you the energy to push forward.


The changes made in a joint commitment will be more beneficial than either of you anticipated. You both aim to get something positive out of the new arrangements. A joint money arrangement that hasn't worked out well will give you greater financial independence in the long run.


The challenges that seem too much for you to face alone will not be as difficult as you imagined. No matter how difficult something seems, you are determined to keep going and the way you handle the pressure and expectations of yourself is proving your incredible resilience.


It's a rare case, but you feel the need to push someone you live with to make a financial decision. You have a strong feeling that now is a great time to apply for a loan that has been a point of discussion in your family for some time.