Horoscope for October 8 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 8 by Russell Grant


It will take some time to start a new job. Many can listen and learn for a while what others have to say. Your ideas are not without originality, but this is the time to listen.


Someone close has something on his mind. I will speak, but find it difficult to discuss a difficult topic. Encourage. Whether they are concerned about money, health or a family matter, you will be able to help them cope with a range of circumstances with which they have not been able to come to terms.


If someone asks you about the glass whether it is half-empty or half-full, for you it will be the latter. A sense of hope and optimism has overwhelmed you. You think everything will go the right way and your way forward looks much brighter. Sometimes it seems like your Guardian Angel is taking care of your every move. You have that strong feeling that you are not alone.


Although you can take a break, you will not shirk your responsibilities. You plan to take some time off, but not without closing an issue. Beware of unproven suggestions. They can cause delays and destruction.


Sometimes it will seem like you are running and you are not getting anywhere. Try to stick to all those who want answers to important concerns. This is not the time to rush into anything.


You can not leave someone in need. The last few weeks have given you a lot of attention to those who seemed lost or overwhelmed with responsibilities they could not afford. Your help was welcomed with open arms. Now it may seem like it is being taken for granted.


Friends are acting weird. Ask yourself if you did anything to upset someone. Do not misunderstand others. There may be a special treatment for you soon. You will quickly find out what it is.


A timeline for deciding on an issue or relationship depends on you as a dark shadow that you cannot remove. It needs to be decided one way or another before the day is over. Despite this it would be a shame to miss other things that are happening that would please you.


You are reluctant to ignore it when you see someone trying to confuse the path through some problems. This is why a large part of the day is likely to be occupied with these serious concerns. You may need to change your schedule to help a friend in need.


Despite the extra responsibilities that fall on your shoulders, you are mentally ready to take on everything. You are confident in your abilities and you are confident that you will be able to achieve a specific goal. You are also happy that you are able to help someone out of a small crisis.


You have a wonderful chance to stay calm and reconnect with your soul. It may not be easy to frame yourself in a more relaxed frame of mind, but from a health standpoint it will do you good to take advantage of this rare opportunity to enjoy peace and quiet.


With your thoughts firmly fixed in the past days, you may inadvertently give your approval to some plans without really considering what is involved. Some of these can be costly. If money is not an object, force yourself to listen to the ideas that others are suggesting.