Horoscope for November 8 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 8 by Russell Grant


You don't want to listen to anyone else's views or opinions, although they will force you to. Any concerns expressed by other people are genuine. Every word, advice offered will be intentional. It's not a good idea to say the first thing that comes to mind, as it will make you seem ungrateful.


A project you didn't think you could manage is shaping up nicely. Your confidence is growing, your skills are impressive and this will attract the attention of senior colleagues. Someone in a high position will admire your professionalism. They are willing to reward you.


Despite the annoyance of a loved one, you will be inclined to accept an offer or invitation that you did not think would come your way. This is an opportunity you simply don't want to miss. Unlike the unhelpful attitude of your partner and relatives, friends will be supportive of your goals.

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The work you're doing behind the scenes will be exhausting, but also rewarding. There is an air of secrecy and confidentiality in your relationships and you will take these very seriously. The new commitments you will undertake now will be more important than anything you have done before.


A careful and practical approach to legal and financial matters is recommended. Be sure to carefully analyze situations and before making an important decision, make a list of pros and cons. Consult a professional who is successful in his field for advice.


The decisions you are making will be life-changing, and if all goes according to plan, your future looks like it could be incredible. You're laying the groundwork for a long-term project, and you're excited about the rewards and challenges it's likely to bring.


An art project will benefit your community. You have skills that will be useful to this effort, and your involvement can help make a difference. If you think someone you care about needs you, be ready to drop everything to be there for them.


A casual conversation will suddenly turn into an argument. A stubborn person can't seem to figure out when to back down. Their attitude is starting to take a toll on your relationship, and you may wonder if you want to continue spending time with someone who is so angry and judgmental.


Your resources are taxed to the max. It's a struggle between spending for fun and paying the bills. Your dilemma now is to decide which should be prioritized. A generous relative hopes to help ease your stress by offering you a loan. Don't be too proud.


You might wish you hadn't been involved in a group effort when you don't get along with some members of your team. In some cases it would be better to keep your thoughts to yourself. This will help you avoid arguments as they are just a waste of your time and energy.


You are getting bored with a situation that used to give you pleasure. It is already becoming too predictable for your liking. A charismatic person will soon enter your life. Are you single? If you haven't already met them, this could be the day you find your soul mate.


Just because you're expected to attend a party or community event, you shouldn't think you have to go. If there are other things in your life that would benefit from your attention, don't feel guilty because you can't be in two places at once.