Horoscope for November 8 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 8 by Russell Grant


A conference or seminar in a remote place will sound exciting, but your enthusiasm will quickly wane. You might think you could have done a more professional job of organizing this yourself, but it will be too late.


Something you are committed to will have a huge impact on your community. You will see the results. It has been a difficult journey, but it has been worth it. You feel the weight of history on your shoulders when you are not sure if you are exhausted or excited.


An issue that has impressed you in the past has started to make more sense. You are able to unravel all the problems that have caused mistakes and misunderstandings. Be proud of yourself for getting here. You can now see a solution to move this issue forward.


A project ends and before you think about your achievement, another similar opportunity will come to you. You will accept it and this time you have the experience and skills with you, which will help you ease the challenges that lie ahead.


Technical defects, unsubmitted messages, and missing files prevent you from moving forward. Relationships with the elders are strained, especially within the workplace. Delays that occur are out of your control.


A past situation is still affecting the present. You are doing your best to relax and deal with this as best you can. You have waited a long time to see the end of this issue and what will happen today will take you one step closer to this goal.


Worries bother you. It is time to take an objective look at these uncertainties. Someone is asking too much of you. A good relationship requires giving and receiving, sharing and caring.


You want to set a good example for new family members. This is why you will never give up even when things do not go as expected. A new solution to a problem will be discovered. This will put things in perspective and lead you to your goal.


Plans you have been excited about will fail before they find a ground. To your disappointment, others who are involved will suddenly lose interest or have other things to do. You wish they had taken this more into account before making promises they have not been able to fulfill.


Take an interest in what is happening at home. A teenager, a loved one or someone in the family needs you and misses your company. You take responsibilities seriously, but are you focusing too much on business (work) issues and external concerns?


Concerns, distractions, and demands from others have prevented you from pursuing your own interests. You will suddenly realize that you are aiming in the wrong direction. You are determined to spend some time thinking about what you are doing, where you are going and how you can get there.


Don’t give up on new ideas if someone who is older has trouble adapting to your most innovative plans. Insist and they will come to your way of thinking. You are beginning to realize that you have all your wrong priorities. It will not be easy to reorganize your life, but the effort you make to do so will be positive.