Horoscope for March 8 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for March 8 by Russell Grant


Discussions are needed to address the challenges raised in the workplace. A partner will make an announcement that will surprise you. The changes they are planning will be unexpected. Any disappointment will pass as you agree to change your plans to suit their new ambitions.


Being forced to follow inappropriate routines and procedures will make you nervous. You are eager to experiment with new ideas. You want to try new activities and have fun. You won't be able to do everything you set your mind to in one day, but this is a good time to start.


Events will force you to take a long-term view of life or events happening around you. Keep smiling as you find yourself having to deal with any unexpected obligation that pops up, and try to be sympathetic to someone's hard-luck story. Even though their circumstances are starting to affect your productivity.

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Be scrupulously honest in work, financial and legal relationships. More persistence is needed if you want to achieve a goal you are working towards. Try to find the strength within yourself to continue. If you work in the public sector, you will be committed to providing high quality care.


Developing your artistic side will relieve tension. Romance, entertainment and creative careers are among the possibilities. You may need to come clean about a recent extravagance. Do this without any aggression.


Optimistic news is about the sale or purchase of any property or a rental agreement. The changes you envisioned will continue. The events you are going through now will have a strong effect on your emotions.


Keep a watchful eye on your spending. It can be surprising how quickly money can slip through your hands. If you haven't yet discussed ideas for an upcoming family vacation, this is a good time to put in place the plans you've already considered.


Hobbies, sports and leisure activities are more expensive than you might imagine. A friend who has more money than sense advised you on these activities that you now regret.


Think more about the changes you have in mind that are oriented toward family and home circumstances. You need to have your plans clear in your mind before you present them to others or take actions that cannot be easily changed once you start. Don't get defensive if someone confronts you with a problem you hadn't thought of.


Requests from abroad can bring you a useful cooperation or you can put extra money in your pocket. For this reason, even though circumstances will force you to put aside personal plans, you will not hesitate to give more time to other matters.


Someone special has wonderful dreams. Your support will be an important factor in helping to keep their confidence up. Don't be lazy.


A fascination for foreign countries, cultures and history will inspire you to book a holiday. An adventurous friend will give you some good ideas, and while you'll enjoy hearing them talk about their many experiences, some of these won't be for you.