Horoscope for January 8 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for January 8 by Russell Grant


You just want to know if someone close to you will commit to new deals or oppose them and try to block your way? You know they are afraid and so they hold back.


Think carefully about whether you have another chance to agree to a deal you recently walked away from. Although there are issues that concern you, agree to a compromise. If you remain stubborn, this door will be closed to you forever.


A new career opening, or the chance to join a group is something to seriously consider. There are others who aim for this possibility. Be determined about your goals. Let people know you're interested and before you know it, what you want will be yours.

The crab

You are noticing a great improvement in close relationships. The romance will deepen over the coming months. While you're noticing how family and friends lean on you more than usual, you don't see this as a concern. You like to know that you are helping others.


You know what needs to be done. You know how you're going to go about it. An early start will be a good way to get through all the work on today's agenda. You will not be distracted by anything unimportant. You are determined to focus on priorities.


You will be invited to join a group, or leadership team. There are other people who are also interested and you don't want to get into anyone's hack. However, you are the one who received the invitation, so there is nothing stopping you from moving forward.


The neighbors who have been arguing seem to have reached an agreement among themselves. This will bring a noticeable relief in the tension of your community. Even someone who has been critical of you lately will show a more accommodating face today.


An ultimatum that someone makes today will be unreasonable. You will not give in to their unrealistic demands. If they think they can dictate to you, another thing will come to you. You will simply walk away from the situation.


You can step back during a heated conversation and relay something that was said to you in private. Now more than ever you must respect the trust people have placed in you. If you've been told a secret, keep it.


If all goes according to plan, you'll soon be taking on a more prominent role. You have been eagerly waiting to hear information about the future of a personal desire. Patience is a virtue, and it's just as well that you have patience in abundance.


Stop for a moment and take stock of how you are progressing with your personal plans and projects. After thinking about it, you may realize that some goals that have been important to you recently don't seem so urgent anymore. Other interests have started to take up your time and should be given more priority.


Stay calm and be polite to a boss. You will feel annoyed knowing that someone is watching you and waiting for you to make mistakes.