Horoscope for February 7 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for February 7 by Russell Grant


Coworkers are getting more involved in your off-duty interests. Do not worry. Friendships are being made with people who can help you succeed.


Interesting discussions keep your mind active and alert. Stay calm and collected and wait for the right moment to bring up some of your thoughts and observations. Patience has always been your greatest ally. You must find evidence to prove that a colleague is not to be trusted.


It will be up to you to create order out of chaos. People will look to you to deal with problems in the workplace. Make sure those more prone to panic are kept out of the way and harmony will quickly be restored.

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Friends are encouraging you to try a money-making idea. This is your chance to turn an artistic endeavor into a small business. A generous relative will offer to give you the start-up money. This is their way of proving how much they believe in you.


You resent the intrusion of a relative or older colleague who is asking too many questions. They're worried about how quiet you've been lately. Their concern is genuine even though you may resent this intrusion into your private affairs.


You have contributed to the success of a colleague who has always relied on the help of talented assistants. You never got any thanks or credit for it. It's time to start moving forward with your goals and ambitions. An old colleague will put in a good word for you.


Your enthusiasm for being given a special task will spill over to carry out joint efforts in a positive way. You will not miss this chance to prove your worth. Your productivity improves. Seeing this, others will also be inspired to move forward.


Don't turn your back on an opportunity to develop your skills because you're too busy elsewhere. Under the guidance of a respected teacher, you will discover more about a fascinating subject. If you're going to excel in your career, you need to push yourself harder than ever before.


You are on your way to success as you combine optimism with determination. Family, work and social relationships all benefit from your positive and optimistic outlook. People are inspired by your enthusiasm and when they see you moving forward, they will follow your lead.


You have an important decision to make. Better yet, you would do this without anyone else interfering. You are aware that some people will have objections to your plans, and you are smart enough to understand that a subtle approach is the best way to handle a group effort.


Colleagues rely on your integrity to maintain high standards. Absolute honesty is required in work-related communications. You will find the courage to speak the truth to people in power and they will listen.


Be sure to let people see what you're capable of if you're hoping to improve your prospects or make a name for yourself. You will be approached by someone in a senior position to share your skills and knowledge. This is your chance to show your expertise. Students will thrive under your guidance.