Horoscope for November 7 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 7 by Russell Grant


You will not take kindly to the intervention of an old friend or colleague. Bite your tongue, because when they offer advice, it will be sensible guidance. A reminder that a deadline is fast approaching should be your cue to make a determined effort to get the job done.


Although it won't result in any serious injury, a minor accident will cause those in power to look for ways to improve safety. If you have thoughts on this, be sure to share them with others. Your views will be taken seriously.


A partner or someone in the family will not understand why you have chosen to follow a new career or creative path. They will try to interfere. Stand your ground and refuse to let them influence you. This is something you have to do for yourself.

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The positive outlook of a friend or relative will inspire you. You will be grateful for someone's willingness to listen to your views. Show your appreciation while also considering their feelings. Financial matters will take on increased importance and a family relationship will result in some worthwhile deals.


Even though you have strong feelings about an event or situation, decisions made about your career, finances or legal situation should be based on logic rather than emotion. Your tireless efforts are appreciated by less confident friends and colleagues.


A friend's announcement that they will be making big changes in their lives coincides with a time when you are making new plans for your future. You knew they wouldn't be happy with your choices, and you suspect they're acting out of revenge even though they'll deny it.


You're starting to realize that there were things going on in a younger relative's life that you weren't aware of. You may feel a little guilty about the fact that you have given so much importance to outside commitments that you have not been attentive to family developments.


Don't tell yourself that you will respond to important communications later as you may get distracted and an opportunity will be missed. An email from your boss or a senior official will have interesting consequences, but you must respond the moment you receive it.


It's getting harder and harder to make ends meet. If your income seems to be dwindling and you need to provide for your family, consider looking into the allowances you may be entitled to. You can ask for a raise, but this request will not be taken kindly by your boss.


People will turn to you when problems need solving. You're starting to wonder if focusing on one area is worth all the trouble. Accept this challenge and you will take some important steps towards a great achievement.


You knew that a new role or responsibility would not be easy. You didn't expect this to cause as much stress as you are going through now. You thought there would be support when you needed it, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Take some time to think about your next move.


Attending a seminar or interview will pave the way for a change in career direction. A job offer will be your chance to use your creative skills in practical ways. You will soon cultivate connections with some knowledgeable and talented people. Through sheer determination, you can make a dream come true.