Horoscope for January 7 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for January 7 by Russell Grant


A partner or family member will accuse you of making plans without their consent or knowledge. You may need to remind them that you don't need either of these. You knew they would object anyway and the only way to succeed in your intentions was to keep them secret.


Someone close is waiting for your support. Since you owe them a huge favor, it seems you have no choice but to follow their wishes. If you agree to attend a social gathering, it will be because you feel compelled to do so.


Someone wants to discuss something serious and hopes to have your attention. This means turning off your phone if people keep texting you. If you don't focus on what is being said, you can easily misinterpret their words.

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You may quickly find yourself in a situation where you and someone you recently met are exchanging confidences. Before you reveal any secrets, you need to know that you can really trust each other. Don't speak ahead of time.


This will be a busy day for you in more ways than one. The reason you're seeing it as a struggle is because a lot is happening fast. Your curiosity will be piqued by gossip. Don't believe everything you hear.


You're not fitting in well on a team. It will frustrate you that people who should be working seem to prefer to stand around gossiping.


You're starting to realize how incompatible you and a new friend are. Someone who loves attention and drama will try to make you the center of attention. This is not where you want to be. Love the behind the scenes.


If the changes being planned need further discussion, you will want to complete this as soon as possible. Your goal is to spend more time on the easier and more enjoyable aspects of your life. You take your responsibilities seriously.


You feel compelled to attend a family gathering even though you know a relative you don't get along with will also be there. It may seem polite to accept the invitation, but how will you feel if an argument breaks out that upsets everyone? You can avoid this by staying away.


Some sleepless nights will be due to an emotional dilemma which can be resolved through a heart-to-heart talk. You have a lot to do and a lot to think about, but make sure you agree to talk to someone who encourages you to get in touch with them.


A partner acts without asking what you think. You are annoyed by this, but don't be too hard on them. Are you single? An old friend will step into the role of matchmaker and introduce you to someone she's sure you'll get along with. You'd rather they didn't interfere.


Arrangements you were looking forward to may be postponed to a later date. You've been looking forward to this event, but you can't go if your health isn't as good as it should be.