Horoscope for December 7 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for December 7 by Russell Grant


You are struggling to show enthusiasm for a group project or task at work that you have enjoyed in the past. This may have to do with changes within the team and the way some people are behaving. You will think you are doing them a serious disservice by expressing your thoughts.


Plans for a festive event or to get together have been on hold until the last minute. Everyone will have their own idea of ??how things are going. You are getting tired of disagreements. You can even withdraw from some discussions and agree to let others deal with them.


A new neighbor is causing tension between you and your partner. You have started to get the impression that this person is playing against you. You now realize that you have revealed much of your private life to someone you can not trust.


Are you thinking of moving house or a home improvement project? Changing the direction of your career or that of your partner may make this necessary. If a job offer is accepted and is too far from your current place of residence; the need may arise to resolve the consequences of such a change in your family.


Precautions should be taken if involved in any area, activity or treatment that may cause an allergic reaction. An illness can affect your immune system, even if it has never happened to you before. You may need to rethink which things cause you allergies.


Someone is not happy about something. They will not say it directly, but their humor will warn you about the fact that they are upset about some plans being made. It will not be easy to be patient, but if you avoid a debate, you may have to endure their anger for a short time.


Prepare well for a job interview. Research the company you can work for. Show a positive and confident face to every employer and you will impress them with your talents. A delivery you expected will come on time, but the item will not be the one you ordered.


You will be asked to help organize a family celebration together. Not only that, but you are also expected to plan all meals, drinks and entertainment. You may not have time for all of this. The restaurant would be a good choice.


You have no problem helping a friend or relative who is seeing the need to change arrangements almost every hour. As it happens, you are enjoying the challenge because for you it is more important to enjoy the challenge, the variety and the versatility than to have everything in order.


Instead of your original plans for the day, a friend or family member may invite you to join them in something they have arranged. They will be full of promises that you will have a good time and indeed, you may find it interesting to follow their ideas.


A legal or financial issue will come up for consideration. You do not want to spend too much time thinking about it, but you should not take risks. Listen to professional advice. If necessary, make the contracts yourself to see if you can spot any mistakes. Do not rush into dealing with anything that might affect your future.


It is not a good idea for personal problems to show up at work. Your mind is preoccupied and this can lead to a careless mistake. If you are working with machinery, be extremely careful to follow all safety instructions. Try to remove private worries until there is a time when there is more privacy to think things through.