Horoscope for October 7 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 7 by Russell Grant


You are isolated in your affairs. Relatives, friends and neighbors will have requests to devote time and energy to. You will not mind helping at all. You can not ask yourself if there is something going on that you are not being told anything about. It will be as if others are trying to get your attention and your curiosity will be aroused.


Talk to family members directly and accurately. This is the best way to avoid misunderstandings. Be sure to show a lot of enthusiasm for workplace activities. These may bring new and even difficult requirements to understand, but only good can come from showing a willingness to be present when the occasion requires it.


Take advantage of every opportunity you have to join the activities organized by those around you. In addition to the pleasure that this will bring, it may be to your advantage to be as up to date with all things as possible, so you will not miss anything important.


You may get caught in a strange situation which has to do with a financial or legal transaction. Look carefully at the pros and cons before signing on to any dotted line. If there is a need to raise a large amount of money before entering into a long-term deal, you may be better off not losing this idea.


You find it difficult to maintain an analytical approach to matters relating to your heart. A romantic dilemma is causing stress. It will be futile to try to do anything that requires discipline, effort, or concentration when you are simply not in the mood. You will be there physically, but your mind will not be at work.


Think twice before replying to text and email messages from people whose names you do not know. You can easily be fooled by a professional and although it will not be your fault, you will get upset with yourself because you were no longer careful. It's one of those cases where you have to avoid financial transactions.


There is tension and a fragile atmosphere around a friendship or family relationship. A misunderstanding continues to become a problem and until a compromise is reached, you may not see things changing much. For your reasons, you are determined that you will not be the one to make the first move.


You feel like you are in the middle of a quarrel between work and social engagements and do not want to pay attention to them. If you feel you have no control over your life and want to know where you went wrong, then this is a good time to do so. You may be surprised by what will come out.


You have a number of exciting ideas that you want to try in the future. You hope these will improve existing projects. Wait until your team has time to discuss your suggestions. If you express complex thoughts when others are not ready to hear them, you will not get the reaction you hoped for.


There is a great temptation to let others solve their problems. Especially if these are business issues and you warned a colleague some time ago that they would have problems if they did not change their way. It should not be up to you to help them get out of a difficult situation.


Life has not been easy, relationships have had ups and downs and there have been times when you have had to be more persistent than you would like to make people listen to you. Your focus is shifting away from your goals. The clouds of days past are leaving as harmony is restored.


Do not rush things if you are in the process of buying or selling property. An offer will sound tempting to accept, but a more lucrative offer may come your way. If you are looking, why not focus more and see what you can find.