Horoscope for February 6 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for February 6 by Russell Grant


The hard work of the past is yielding valuable rewards. This will put you in a more stable and secure position. Your dedication to duty is commendable. Soon you will have more time to have fun.


Take the opportunity to work behind the scenes. You will find it easier to push and promote your ideas from the back. Working independently from others will give you a chance to develop your own style. If you are participating in a class, encourage students to think for themselves.


New routines must be organized to adapt to changing circumstances. Someone seems determined to make things difficult for you. You are inclined to politely tell them not to object. Be patient with people who are stuck in their ways.

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Check what you allow yourself, before making important moves. Workplace debates continue. Seek advice if necessary. Worries make it impossible to make important decisions. Your mind is everywhere.


Someone who knows you well doesn't understand that you are quiet because you just want to be alone. This may seem to go against your natural desire to be sociable and cooperative and to help people whenever you can, but being there for everyone drains your energy. You need to recharge your batteries.


It can be hard work to help organize a fundraising event for a charity, but it will be worth it. The challenge itself will be stimulating, you're joining like-minded people, and the event itself will be more successful than anyone anticipated.


A community enterprise will receive support from an external organization. Before you get too excited about it, it's likely more limited than many expect. You will be asked to lead a group of volunteers. This is a cause that is dear to your heart and you will want to do everything you can to help.


Questions about a financial discrepancy require answers. You've been putting off watching this for as long as possible. In the workplace, diplomacy and subtle tactics will work best. There are ways to avoid a stubborn colleague who is trying to block your progress.


Wait a little longer before reminding your family of the changes you hope to make. Some still don't feel ready for it. An agent is impressed by your talents. A chance to make money from a creative endeavor will be like a dream come true.


A financial gift or a small win will be a pleasant surprise for you. However, be careful with money. A trickster will try to convince you of risky investments. An announcement made by an older relative will knock on your door.


Plans include friends who have more than they know. If you're on a tight budget, find out how much travel and social plans can cost you. Tickets to somewhere, they may cost more than you are willing to pay for such an occasion.


Someone in a high position has made some bad decisions. Mistakes have been made and this is turning into a big problem. There will be a major investigation into how this happened and what went wrong. Suggestions will be made, but what looks good on paper may not be easy to implement.