Horoscope for November 6 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 6 by Russell Grant


Goals can be achieved by following different paths than you originally thought. A short detour will be necessary, and as it turns out, you will encounter something of interest that you would not have experienced if you had followed a different path.


Differences in how finances should be handled are causing discord at home. It seems you can't avoid arguing about money with the people you see every day. Someone will tell you that things will get better, but you will admit to yourself that you don't believe them.


A desire for greater success can blind you to the simple pleasures you already have. Be patient when things don't go as quickly as you expected. Your faith in your partner's abilities will lead you to push them to try to make a name for themselves, but is that what they really want?

The crab

It's great to have dreams for the future, but nothing will happen if you don't do anything to follow them. Hopes can turn into reality, but you need something to follow. Lay a solid foundation and decide how you will achieve your goals. Take slow steps at a time.


If there's someone you're hoping to impress, just be yourself. No need to buy expensive gifts. What you most want to know is that others respect you for who you are and not what you can do for them.


You should pay more attention to your concerns. This means saying no when a friend or colleague asks for your continued support. Because of all the help you have already given them, your responsibilities have been neglected.


You cannot and should not let anyone make decisions for you. You will hear the opinions expressed, but you will not necessarily agree with them. You may need to tell someone that since you have been kind enough to consider their suggestions, you should be allowed to express your views as well.


Someone who is not used to receiving help will seem reluctant to accept yours. Intuitively, you feel that they need your support and that's why you won't let them push you away. Once they get over the shock of having someone care, their gratitude will be immense.


You may feel that others around you are panicking about an issue that will come up today. Doing nothing will get them nowhere. A good attitude is what is needed to make sure you get where you are supposed to be.


Facing a powerful competitor is getting frustrating. You may feel that you did not prepare yourself well for this type of encounter. Take a step back and gather more information. Once you have seen the situation from a different perspective, you will feel better able to face your opponents and win.


A joint project seems to have lost its way because your work group has lost its way. Nothing prevents you from sitting on top of the country to get it back on track. Either others will recognize the need to make some changes, or you will realize that you have been collaborating with the wrong people.


Tell someone a secret during a conversation and they will start rumors that damage your reputation. It would be better to end the talks politely and leave. Also be careful who you trust and how much you should tell others.