Horoscope for November 6 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 6 by Russell Grant


Even though things are going well, there still seems to be a conflict between your desires and the need to keep others happy. You are not happy with the progress you are making and you think you are neglecting the things that bring you joy, in favor of the happiness of a friend or a loved one.


There are aspects of the past that you can never forget, but you can learn to forgive. The issues you want to ignore continue to appear in memories and conversations. A promising relationship can be shaken due to denial. Does the past bother you? A sensitive friend can help you forgive and move on.


Attending an online group activity or accepting an invitation to a community event will give you the opportunity to see what makes some people different. A young man in the family is struggling with school. Help them!


Someone who has a pragmatic outlook on life needs a helping hand. You will be happy to help. Your kindness will earn their respect, but be careful not to get involved in the romantic aspect.


A close friend or partner is looking to expand his or her experiences. Do not try to restrain them. They are ready to realize that they have skills and talents that are worth developing. This can inspire you to take a more creative approach to your plans for the future.


Funds will be ready for a home improvement project. This is your chance to beautify your environment. A teenager may fail a test or sporting event, but at least they took advantage of that opportunity and that is the best.


A volunteer project you have started will provide the financial support it needs. After a hard time, you can start planning for the future. Changes that occur in the community will have a huge impact on your life and that means you can relax a little more.


New opportunities and meeting new people are your chance to learn more about yourself. A training, educational or study program will allow you to pursue a subject that will be incredibly interesting. There is nothing more exciting than expanding your horizons.


Not sure what direction to take next. What you know is that you need a change and can not stay in the same position or situation for much longer. You are looking at different options and wondering which one can bring you more happiness.


You have little time available and since it is not in your nature to be happy doing nothing, you can offer help to someone who looks exhausted and frustrated. A noisy time with some young people will tire you, but at the same time will create beautiful memories.


Have a chance to enter a new social circle or change roles within your company. This would take you to a new department. Think carefully before making a move, as you will prefer to have the support of acquaintances and trusted friends around you.


Someone will help you achieve your goals. Accept their help immediately. It will not be repeated if you reject them. A trip for some shopping will be successful. You will find everything you need and much more.