Horoscope for January 6 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for January 6 by Russell Grant


Once you set your mind on a goal, nothing and no one will be allowed to stand in your way. You can try to prove something to yourself, an old colleague or a partner and it is this determination to succeed that will bring results.


Being able to complete a challenging task in your own way and at your own speed will bring fulfillment. You finally have a chance to put a creative or artistic talent to use in your work and other areas. A breakthrough will happen suddenly.


You have given up luxuries to meet other expenses. There is a strong temptation to spend more than is reasonable on leisure and pleasure and you are telling yourself that a little extravagance is justified. The problem is that buying unnecessary items will make you struggle to pay your household bills.

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You will not be intimidated by anyone's offensive comments. If they don't expect you to succeed, they will be surprised. It won't take much effort to achieve results because you are capable and know what you are doing.


Someone close has put himself in the abyss. They seem to have no idea how to handle a problematic situation. You can understand their dilemma and your advice on how to relieve them of this burden will be gratefully received.


Accepting an invitation to take a trip to another country can bring you a number of surprises. If you are single, love will strike even though you may not have been looking for a romantic partner. Your life will never be the same again.


Your boss has seen your performance and they are impressed by what they see. You may find yourself on a shortlist for a promotion. People who are getting to know you well will also know they can trust you. You can choose to join them in a great business opportunity.


If you go ahead with plans to make some changes at home without consulting the family, there will be objections. So stop for a moment and think about whether you have analyzed this issue enough. It is not a good idea to act on a spontaneous whim.


Don't hesitate with your response when you get the first rejection for an opportunity you've been eyeing for a long time. Now that you have this chance to do something you've always wanted, you don't want to let it pass you by.


Accept a friend's offer to collaborate on a creative project together. You will be at your best when doing anything that allows you to combine your practical skills with your imagination. Don't be surprised when new commissions start suddenly. You will work well as a team.


You might wish you hadn't agreed to help a neighbor or colleague when they ask for a favor. This will likely take up a lot of your time, and because you didn't expect it to take so long, it may be necessary to cancel an appointment. Some people don't seem to understand that you actually have other things to do.


It doesn't matter if you have done certain tasks dozens of times before, there will be new challenges in the tasks you will receive today. The need to keep costs down means spending time looking for materials at reduced prices. Don't rush!