Horoscope for October 5 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 5 by Russell Grant


You have a lot of work to do, work that should have been completed long ago. Want to prove to someone that you can finish what you start. You had thought you were closer to the finish line than you are, but you are behind in your rating and you have a lot to do.


Before you decide that you do not have what you need to take on any additional responsibilities, think twice. An offer or opportunity should not be rejected immediately. Remind yourself of your accomplishments. You need to have more confidence in yourself. A more lucrative position may remain vacant and you may be given the first proposal.


A new hobby will attract your interest and chances are you will have a natural inclination for it. If you have a talent for writing or some other form of creative expression, you will have the opportunity to use this. A social gathering can bring a new friend on your way.


A problem that has caused tension in the family will be solved as if by magic. It will actually be an older relative who comes in and offers a solution. This will remove any negative thoughts from your mind and leave you open to receiving an exciting offer that will require a quick thought.


Your energy levels are low and being aware of this you will have no problems. You will reasonably choose not to take on anything more than you can do. Sometimes you have to accept the need to take a break and if you have no choice but to work with something very important and be very careful.


It can be amazing how much one can do a lot by showing his ability in a problem. This is what you will do today. A problem that appears at home or at work will make you a little more sensitive. Your organized approach to this issue will save time.


You are expected to prove to an older colleague or relative that you are able to handle many responsibilities. This will be about a new career move which has been in progress since the beginning of the year. Finally this possibility seems more realistic.


Overall this should be a progressive time. You will not be so busy, but the tension that is evident through the exciting events of this October will eventually affect your health, especially if you are waiting to hear a final decision about something that could mean big changes in it. the future.


You can not expect to achieve much, especially when unexpected developments cause unrest. There may be more haste and difficulty than you think.


Someone you have helped in the past and is leaning on his feet seems to have forgotten who helped him. You will congratulate them on everything they have achieved, but you can not help but be surprised by their lack of gratitude.


You have made an important decision and processed it all down to the last detail. This is something that means a lot to you and no one will be allowed to obstruct your path. Someone at home seems to think they can blackmail you emotionally. By the end of the day they will realize that you are not so easily influenced.


Some confrontation will be evident in your close relationship and you will not need to ask too much because of this. There have been frozen issues that have been pending so far.