Horoscope for February 5 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for February 5 by Russell Grant


You might wish you hadn't been involved in an issue that seemed straightforward enough. This is proving to take longer and cost more than anticipated. A family dispute will cause additional anxiety. At the moment there seems to be no easy solution to the current problems.


By limiting yourself to topics you know and experiences you've had before, you're limiting your learning. Whether it's gaining technical skills or volunteering abroad, it's time to break out of self-imposed limitations. If you want to expand your interests, explore something new and different.


You can sense when people are not being honest with you and trust your intuition. At the same time you don't want to undermine someone's authority with your doubts. You need evidence before voicing your opinions openly. Encourage frank discussions. You have no time to waste with those who try to avoid the truth.

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It is not a good idea to dwell on the negatives of a work or study situation. You still have a lot to do and no time for useless thoughts. If you've been waiting for the right moment to say what's on your mind, you may realize that there isn't one for what needs to be said. Take a deep breath and speak.


Your efforts will take advantage. You are in a stronger position now to get what you want. A project is coming to an end, allowing you to let go of the past. Your choice now will be to balance the pros and cons, along with the needs of those close to you and your own desires.


Feel ready to express your creative and joyful side. Your lively and impulsive mood may seem out of character to those who know you well. This is no time to worry about what others may think. What is important is to find a happy path for your emotions.


You are not in the mood for routine and responsibility. If you have work to do, it will still be there to continue tomorrow. No one will be surprised if you are the first to arrive at a party or social gathering and the last to leave.


People won't think less of you if you stand up and accept the credit you deserve for your recent contribution to a job or volunteer project. It won't seem fair for someone else to take all the credit for your hard work. How can you expect to advance if your skills are not recognised?


If you push yourself too far, you won't achieve your current goals. It may seem like the best answer to getting a job done is to push yourself even harder, but that's not an ideal solution when all it's going to do is tire you out.


You are putting a lot of time and effort into a professional or volunteer job and you are starting to see results. Your energy and positivity is starting to tell and it leaves you insecure.


Your sensitivity to other people's feelings can be the key to opening the door to intimacy. A close relationship has suffered because you don't spend enough time with each other, and now that you're together you may find yourself responding to your partner's needs in a way that feels fair and natural.


You are tired of explaining yourself to others. Someone will suggest more conversation and you know this is another opportunity to make you change your mind. They are not interested in hearing what you have to say. You wish to proceed without further discussion