Horoscope for August 5 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for August 5 by Russell Grant


An old colleague's attitude towards you makes you feel scared and insecure. Try not to be too subjective. It will be helpful to discuss any concerns you have with someone who is not involved in the situation.


Friends and colleagues will suggest that they temporarily fulfill some of your commitments. This will allow you to relax and get rid of the burdens that have accumulated on your shoulders. A partner will respond to you emotionally in a way that makes you feel safe.


Be willing to discuss old problems as this is what you need to move forward. You and your partner have a fantastic future ahead of you, but in order for you both to enjoy it, you need to deal with issues that remain from the past.

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Finally, the end of a project you've been working on all week is in sight. Since you've been so focused on one area, you haven't had much time to consider other opportunities, and now you'll feel like you can look at different options. This gives you a greater sense of freedom.


The possibility of being involved in some secret behind-the-scenes relationship fills you with excitement. If this is work related, the confidential aspect of the negotiations makes sense as this will prevent anyone from taking advantage. If it's a secret relationship, chances are someone will get hurt, and that someone could be you.


You are surprised by the lack of engagement of some of your colleagues. A deadline is coming up and that's what you want to focus on right now. Other people seem to have forgotten that they have work to do. If you can leave to go backstage, no one will notice you're gone.


Money issues are causing strife in a close relationship. If you're hoping to avoid family arguments, it's best to leave the subject of finances aside. You will find happiness in a social activity.


Your mind is clouded, so it's no wonder you find it hard to focus. There are a number of options for the future, and it's getting harder and harder to decide what you really want to do. If you do not make a certain decision, you may miss out on some great opportunities.


The group discussions are lively and you will enjoy sharing your thoughts and commenting on your ideas. Just make sure no one else takes credit for it. If you face a difficult challenge, you will feel like you can move mountains. This will also be a great time to write articles, blogs or letters.


As a result of some rapid and radical changes, there is a lot of activity in your work environment. Colleagues are about to start a new joint venture and someone will introduce new methods in your work. These will eventually work out for good, so keep your thoughts to yourself for now.


Relationships matter. If a romantic relationship is just beginning, you'll really want it to work. Your goal is to do everything you can to please your partner. It doesn't matter if you have to make some sacrifices; you just want to make others smile.


A fundraiser or charity event is being organized for later in the year. You may have to think about getting involved. Will you have time to devote to a needy cause?