Horoscope for January 4 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for January 4 by Russell Grant


If you have money to spare, keep it in a savings account. Think twice if you are tempted in something small. Also remember that it is not wise to gamble the lottery with money that should be set aside to pay important bills.


The conflict between your personal desires and what others expect of you is not making life easy. Some serious discussion lately will have left you with a number of options to consider, and before you go any further, you'll want to sort them all out in your mind.


Arrangements made within the family will make you feel insecure. You're not sure you've made the right choice for all concerned, and you know this won't be the end of this story. You are trying to be patient, but no matter how hard you try, you cannot reach an agreement on an important issue with a partner.

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Although you will carry on with whatever work is required of you without complaint, you are aware of a growing need for some privacy. Finding some time for yourself will be important for your emotional and spiritual health.


Get help from your family and friends to start a home improvement project. Getting started will be the hardest part. Once you get started and everything is under way, progress will be faster and more impressive than you ever imagined.


Bursts of frenetic activity alternate with moments when little is happening or everything starts to go wrong. A friend or colleague will need additional support. You are struggling to get into a set routine. Solve problems when and where they happen.


A bonus, inheritance or dividend will be received soon. You will want to think carefully about the investments you want to make. A partner or relative will try to push you into an extravagant purchase. As much as you'd like to please them, it's time to start saving some money.


You had hoped to start the year with a clear plan. This has not been possible and in fact the neglected jobs have been created over the last few weeks or so, they have been continuously built. Your goal now is to get these out of the way. You have a lot of work to do.


Recent events have brought back some happy memories with someone far away. Your attempts to contact them over Christmas have not been successful. You won't want to let the day end without trying to connect with them again and this time you might get a response.


People will be distracted by the unforeseen events happening right now around you. This will throw you off a bit, which is annoying since you prefer to stick to plans already made. That is why you will not lose your original goals and return to them as soon as possible.


A relationship will take a turn for the worse. You may be surprised by a loved one's words and behavior and want to know why they have changed. Tune into your intuition. You'll soon realize what's wrong, and once you do, you'll be able to make an effort to fix things.


A group, charity or community project is almost complete. You will be swept up in a wave of excitement as you complete this. A shared success will be celebrated. Use this opportunity to show your gratitude for all the support you have given each other.