Horoscope for October 31 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 31 by Russell Grant


You will be made an offer that you will not want to refuse. This may not please someone close, but you need to take care of your own interests. A social meeting will introduce you to some interesting people. Are you single? A new romance will light up your life.


Your plans for the future do not seem to match those of your partner or an older relative. You'd like to please them by following their suggestions, but that means putting your own desires on hold. You cannot continue to sacrifice your happiness for someone else.


There is something troubling you about a recent event. You feel that someone has not been honest with you and it's time to sort out the situation. They will be happy and relieved that you aired your concerns.

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At least for the short term, it would be better to keep some of your plans a secret. Someone will try to take you away from them. You've always been impressionable and you won't want to be swayed by a friend's gloomy statements and predictions.


Trust those around you to help you overcome obstacles and fears. An emotional disappointment will make you feel bad. You are not used to losing. When this happens, you can easily go into a curve. Allow a supportive friend or partner to care for you.


At first you may not accept a mentor's teaching methods. Persist and eventually you will see how good their technique really is. A good teacher-student relationship will develop through showing respect.


It's time to go where new opportunities lie, even if it takes you in a different direction from friends you've known for years. You are not being fair to yourself by staying on a path that no longer brings you happiness or contentment.


If you are married or about to get married, there are some important issues that you and your partner should discuss. This conversation will remind you how much it means to you to have a happy personal life. Are you single? You will meet someone new.


Everything seems to be going wrong with a new deal, but don't give up on this one too soon. Eventually new routines will be established and when you look back today, you will realize that things just looked worse than they really were.


You will learn something new by watching how an old colleague does the job. Their techniques may seem messy, but keep your opinions to yourself. They are more knowledgeable and capable than you might think. Eventually you will understand this.


Someone will look for some security. Although you may think this is unnecessary, it will hurt them for you to say this. A relationship will make a big improvement.


Supporting worthy causes and getting involved in a community project that gives you spiritual motivation will appeal to you greatly. This is your chance to promote an endeavor that is close to your heart. It means a lot to you to know that your partner and closest friends are completely with you.