Horoscope for January 31 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for January 31 by Russell Grant


It's time for a friend in need to start standing on his own two feet. You have done enough for them lately. You have far more important things to do than continue to give them help, advice and guidance. It won't be easy to turn them down, but for your sake and theirs, you have to.


People look to you to help them out of trouble. They are relying on your help even though it means you have to spend a lot of your time solving problems that are not and never were caused by you.


Someone is relying on your discretion. It may seem harmless to reveal the information they've shared with you, but they'd be disappointed if you did. As much as you love gossip, keep some things to yourself.

The crab

You thought that an issue that caused problems in the family was resolved. Only that someone will change their mind. Or they'll bring it up again after they can't seem to move on from it. You wonder when, if ever, it will end.


Your attention is drawn to common concerns. You will prefer to look further into several possibilities before making an important decision. The day will be surprisingly busy. What you hope to do will not come true.


You are working hard and getting tired. Take care of yourself! Someone is taking your hardworking nature for granted.


A job offered to you will involve a lot of traveling around. Ask if you will be reimbursed for expenses incurred. If this is rejected, it won't be worth your time and this deal will likely benefit other people more than you.


It's hard to explain because you don't understand why all your reactions seem exaggerated. You are emotionally sensitive and therefore should avoid people who lack empathy. They will have no patience with you today.


Routine responsibilities are beginning to bore you and frustrate you. The less restricted you are and the more you are able to get outside, the happier you will feel. If you're not in control of what you're doing during the day, at least look for a change of scenery this evening.


A task you hope to complete will need careful thought and concentration. You don't need anyone's help and especially not dozens of people trying to interfere. This is something you will prefer and indeed insist on doing yourself.


In an effort to rebel against rules and regulations, are you too impulsive? It might be wise to stop and think about your reactions. Someone in power is reasonable and fair. Are you showing them the same amount of respect?


After a series of problems, a group that was created for a specific purpose is now running smoothly. You may plan to continue independently in a similar area after this project is completed. It will feel good to make a fresh start and move on.