Horoscope for September 30 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for September 30 by Russell Grant


A letter of recommendation or promotion offer is one you will be proud of. An offer to improve your career position should be seriously considered. If you have hesitated to make such a move in the past, another opportunity will arise and this time, be more positive about it.


You are driven by a determination to keep going and achieve good results. This will keep you focused. It does not matter if you have obstacles ahead. You will find a way to overcome them.


Some will tell you that there is no smoke without fire and you will wonder if there is something real in a rumor that is circulating. You should not pay too much attention to gossip as someone who cheats is spreading a scandal that knows full well that it is something untrue.


If you do not feel well, make an appointment with your doctor. If your child or someone in the family is ill and you are concerned about their health, talk to a professional. You do not have to become a clinician or diagnostician of yourself or relatives. Feel free to seek professional help.


You have a lot of confidence in yourself and this is making you more careful than usual about the expenses and pleasures of tomorrow. Money issues are coming into focus. Once you have paid off some substantial bills, your income will remain more or less stable. Choose simple pleasures like home-made meals and do not spend too much outside.


If there has been tension in a friendship or in your family, your willingness to talk will make a difference. Everything will seem to improve after a long discussion and this will restore peace. The result of your work will increase once again when you start to feel more hopeful and happier.


As much as you may not like the strict routine, this may be the only way to get some work done. It will be necessary to devote energy to common issues in order to complete an existing project. Pulling in a corner to focus on work will allow you to reach a deadline.


Whether you are looking for a job, a promotion or looking for a higher salary, your determination will soon begin to be rewarded. Be open to new opportunities you have not considered before. The most impossible suggestions and ideas can bring surprising results. Consider a job you can do from home.


You want to see action from yourself as well as from others. You may inspire some people to keep going, but there will be others less adventurous who will try to set up barriers.


Prepare for a possible family misunderstanding. An older relative will decide to make some changes. They have hinted at this and if you anticipate their actions in advance, the blow will not be so difficult to cope with. A legal issue needs to be addressed with some ideas, before you move on.


You will embrace new ideas, suggestions and alternatives to approach routine work and you will do so with enthusiasm. What motivates you is the need for variety and change. Be on the move, as someone will make an unexpected invitation.


You could not wait to meet a friend. When you go out with him you will realize that he has invited you because of an interest he has. You are tired of listening to his tales and rescuing him whenever he needs to. Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure.