Horoscope for September 29 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for September 29 by Russell Grant


If you are looking for work make sure to include a convincing CV when submitting applications. It will be easier said than done, but try to avoid confusing personal life with professional life. If you think your life is not on the right track, it will be important to strike a better balance between your family and professional life.


Have something on your mind. Even if you had the opportunity you would not talk about it. You know this will have to come to the fore, but you are waiting for the right moment. So even though something weighs heavily on your mind, you would still prefer to keep it to yourself for now.


You are determined to keep your spending under control. Finances are growing and you want to have everything under control. This is why you are being careful not to buy things that are too expensive and that you can get cheaper if you look around. People around you will be impressed by the way you treat money.


A mistake made by a new colleague will upset things in your workplace. You will not be the only one who will feel upset, but showing your anger will not do any good to you or anyone else. Instead of waiting for others to sort it out, it might be best to offer help.


Once you have paid off some big bills, you will hopefully be able to think about your future and make it as financially secure as possible. The expenses that will come to you will be disappointing, but you are maintaining a reasonable approach to money and will pay them off without any problems.


Your judgment is not as good as it could have been. You trust your intuition and perception too much and may not see the whole picture. Before making decisions, ask questions and do more research. You will feel happier when working with your hands.


You can solve a work-related problem or a health-related issue by thinking a lot about it. Instead of spending a lot of money on medicines look at other options. Take a day off and spend time in bed. When you rest, it is easier for illnesses to pass.


Sometimes your mind is not where you are because your thoughts are on career related issues. You have some interesting ideas to consider and you will not be too quick to dismiss anything new or unusual that may make your work situation more difficult.


You have worked so hard that you have forgotten the fun. Now is the time to change that. You can get a lot of pleasure from pursuing a neglected hobby. Hours spent outside of work, with activities that fill your soul, are never excessive.


The green light is shining and it gives you the freedom to continue with a project you wanted to start. After much discussion, worry, and delay, people seem more cooperative. Someone hints that they would like to join you in this venture. You should consider their proposal before responding.


The insistence of a stubborn colleague to do everything is raising the wall between you. They are very stubborn in their ways of doing things when there are several alternatives. You will get along better with creative, versatile people who do not insist on following just one model.


There is no need to feel guilty for putting some time aside and enjoying your favorite pastimes. You should not feel bad if you fulfill some desires for yourself. Enjoy a little extravagance. Enjoy a delicious meal with a loved one.