Horoscope for January 30 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for January 30 by Russell Grant


First you'll want to decline an offer. Think again. This opportunity could be perfect for you. A job you will undertake today will bring consequences that you could never have dreamed of. You won't regret trying something completely new.


One would enjoy the challenge of being able to take on some of the tasks you normally do. It's not easy to give up the reins but you don't have time to do everything yourself and delegation would be the ideal solution.


A new relative will seem cheeky in what he asks of you, but he's charming, makes you laugh anyway, and you'll give in and help him. A friend who is anxious and insecure needs your support. With your help they will be able to make better decisions.

The crab

You can find an item of antique or sentimental value in a quirky but meaningful way. Give some thought to arrangements involving property or finance. Spend time formulating plans for the future, especially those that are likely to cost a lot of money.


In all relationships, at work, at home, and in romance, keep your doubts to yourself. You wonder if you can really trust anyone. For now, dismiss such doubts in your mind. The time will come when you will gain more clarity and understanding.


You can see a situation as it really is, but not everyone is as practical or as sensitive as you. A new relative needs to be careful with his romantic life and you need to explain this to him.


An old friend, involved in a situation you don't want to remember, will contact you again, either in person or through a social network. Do not worry. They will bring some good news.


A private matter is on your mind. It makes you nervous when someone keeps asking what you're thinking about. You are not yet ready to air your feelings. Your love life may not be all fields of flowers. There are a number of disagreements.


An issue that has caused confusion and some arguments can no longer be ignored. You have to deal with this. An answer will be provided by someone who can get an objective perspective on this situation.


You disagree with a relative or partner that some extra income would be welcome. What you are up against is getting involved in a shady money making scheme. You may have to advise them to think twice about taking a risk.


You know what to do to ease a friend's worries and anxiety. They have always been there for you when you need them. It will feel good to be able to return the favor and they will be grateful for your practical help.


A friend will keep pressuring you to agree to something that you cannot fit into your schedule. They should be told that you are very busy. Life is hectic and sometimes it can feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to fit in everything you need to do.