Horoscope for February 3 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for February 3 by Russell Grant


Your mind is filled with bright and wonderful ideas. Be sure to enjoy this chance to put a creative talent to good use. Single efforts are likely to make nice progress. Romantically, it's someone who features strongly in your dreams and in the plans you're making for the future.


You have to face a series of complicated and difficult situations. It may seem like you will never make any progress, but keep telling yourself that you will get through this and succeed.


Cupid has an arrow pointed in your direction if you are single. A little light flirting will spice up what could have been a boring day. No matter how much you'd like to be helpful, don't let a relative impose on you this evening.

The crab

You don't have to accept something just to please other people. When someone in the family approaches you with a strange idea, take time to think before you respond. This will be a good time to join a group.


A partner will have some nice news that they want to share with you in particular. Are you single? A friend will insist that they know someone you will be interested in. Say yes to their offer as you will not be disappointed.


Even if they entertain you in some way, it will be important to take seriously the offers that are made to you. Someone wants and expects you to consider the suggestions they are making. Romance is in the air. There will also be fun moments when you get together with friends. Libra

It is your choice if you decide to leave your job because you are unhappy. Someone will try to interfere with your application for a new position, and to your surprise, it will be an old colleague who will offer helpful support and encouragement.


Sharing your plans with your family is the only way to find out how they will receive the changes you hope to make. This is not an impulsive decision, but you should tell your loved one about your intentions. Sagittarius

You may have trouble keeping your mind on your work if you are working. With so many distractions around you, avoid taking in anything that requires special attention. A brisk walk and some fresh air later in the day will wash away those mental cobwebs.


Faraway places have a strong appeal. You could do with a break or a change of scenery. There is a strange sense of levity that comes with a new romance or some pleasant development in a close relationship.


New beginnings are possible. Get ready to make some quick decisions. A new world will seem to suddenly open up to you and it will be difficult to shake off the adventurous thoughts that come to mind. In fact, you won't want to ignore them.


There is no one who will protect your interests like you. That is why in all important matters, you must stand by your goals and refuse to let anyone convince you of the decisions you have already made.

Stay on the ground.