Horoscope for November 3 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 3 by Russell Grant


Not sure you're going in the right direction. Let your partner share how you feel and he will open his heart to you too. Some things you hear will give you food for thought. You'll soon feel more confident about a relationship you've had some doubts about.


Your partner's strange behavior is bothering you. You need to feel that you can trust and depend on those closest to you. Currently they are acting in a way that makes you feel like they are keeping secrets from you.


You will solve the issues of a past problem. Once this is over, you may change your mind about what to do next. Someone will be disappointed by this, but the important thing is that you got rid of a problem that was weighing you down.

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You are disappointed by the response of someone responsible when you mention how tired you are of covering up for the mistakes of a careless colleague. You'd appreciate their support, but you start to realize that a boss isn't going to change things when all they're interested in is getting the job done.


You remember a project that you hoped you would have completed by now. It's never too late to make a last ditch effort to overcome this. Completing a challenge that hasn't been easy will give you a strong sense of accomplishment.


A look back at the past will help one solve a current problem. You have a good memory and it will become clear to you that an incident from the past is not being described as it really was. People will be grateful for your insight and honesty. You will have evidence to support your statement.


Socially there's a lot going on and you'll enjoy mingling in large groups. Charity work will put you in touch with some influential people. If you are considering applying for a job, an outstanding individual will offer to give you a reference.


Pause for a moment and take a look at the obstacles in front of you. There is a way to overcome these. All you need is a little more confidence in your abilities. You've overcome worse challenges before. Don't give up now.


A close relationship is starting to feel limiting. Someone you work or live with is feeling very needy. If you criticize or contradict them they will become even more demanding. You must find a subtle way to relieve yourself of this burden.


Your closest friendships and relationships are the source of true happiness. Are you single and looking for love? Be extra welcoming to a new face in town. There is every possibility that a new romance will have a transformative effect on your life.


You won't find it easy to concentrate until something on your mind is settled. Get in touch with someone who can help you deal with this, otherwise you will waste your day thinking.


Don't be shy to share your thoughts and articulate your needs. It is better to be honest with your friends and loved ones than to suppress your feelings. If you think it is necessary, discuss it heart to heart. The consequences will be that others will begin to respect you for who you are.