Horoscope for January 29 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for January 29 by Russell Grant


You will do anything to help a friend. They need you and you cannot let them down. This means spending more time than you would like in their company. What's hard to understand is how they don't seem to appreciate all the help you're giving them.


You think you can handle anything thrown your way. All have their limit. How much can you take on before you end up exhausted? Start taking better care of your health. Delegate tasks.


The behavior of a friend or relative is causing you a lot of frustration. You can't understand why they're acting this way, and unless it's explained, you won't be able to offer them any meaningful support. Encourage them to talk.

The crab

There are many ways to get to know a new friend, relative, or partner better. You both seem to share a similar sense of humor and the more you talk, the more you seem to like each other. You will also enjoy an increase in social activity through this relationship.


Tension is in the air. You can't seem to get on the same wavelength as a romantic partner or someone you're working closely with. Avoid reading more into things than there is actually to read. There is every possibility that you feel overly sensitive and vulnerable.


What you decide on a health or career issue will not be easy. Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and come to terms with what you think you should do. It all depends on you. Trust your own good judgment.


You didn't expect to get an important role in a new group project. It can be surprising how many people seem to depend on your help and knowledge. Although this project is in its early stages, your leadership qualities already shine through.


An internal problem requires attention. You have to think creatively to solve this issue. Someone wants your views on an issue that is causing a lot of confusion. Get more information before you start sharing your thoughts.


Someone who has never been reliable or practical is put in charge of planning a business or social function. You will also get an important role. Nothing will seem to go right when you have to ask a leader incapable of making big decisions. Don't let anyone blame you when things start to go wrong.


There may be a need to make a quick decision, or two, today. In doing so, you will have to trust your intuition, even though you normally don't like to give in to impulse. Better take your time to decide.


People who refuse a challenge will be relieved when you step into it. This is something you have done before and you will have no problem taking on this responsibility. The progress you will make by the end of the day will attract appreciation from those higher up in the hierarchy.


Have faith in your ability to succeed. You're trying something you've never tried before. There will certainly be some anxious moments. You will go from belief, to uncertainty, and back again several times during this strange but exciting day.