Horoscope for October 28 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 28 by Russell Grant


A meeting within your community will see you finalizing arrangements for a charity event. It will be surprising how much is expected of you. This just shows how popular you have become. Some people are even willing to change their plans to work with you.


A project that once seemed full of promise has reached a stage where it can go no further. You will seek to take on new responsibilities that take you away from toxic people who hold you back.


It may not be time to settle yet, but you are very aware of a big decision you will soon have to make. An unexpected support will come to you from an older relative. Consider all the advice provided before deciding.

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Plans are not going according to initial expectations. Find ways to get back on track. Take advantage of any time you have to yourself to consider where you've been, where you are, and where you're going. Pay extra attention to areas that need improvement.


You dream of being in a position where money problems are a thing of the past. Get a solution now to make finances a priority. If you are not making enough money, start looking for a more lucrative job. Limit any impulsive spending. Putting a little money into savings will pave the way for long-term security.


The need for relaxation is something you can no longer ignore. Burning the candle at both ends is starting to take its toll on your health. Your goal now should be to fill your time with activities you enjoy. Painting, playing music and spending more time with your pets will help you feel calmer and less stressed.


People are approaching you for many different reasons. If one is seeking practical advice on a financial matter, it is advisable to think carefully before giving a certain answer.


If the spark has gone out of a relationship, how can you enjoy your partner's view of you? Do something completely different that will surprise them. A conversation about past vacations can trigger a series of events that will take you on a trip abroad or at least somewhere a little far away.


You'll admit that you've been careless with your money lately. This upset a partner who stuck to an agreed budget. You are aware of the need to let your family see how responsible you can be in making regular financial commitments without them having to push you to do so.


You have begun to prioritize other people's needs. Some have begun to take advantage of your kindness. Your loyalty must come first to yourself.


You've decided what you want to do and you're tempted to rush. One goal will be to make amends with a friend or relative after a recent argument. If you really want to achieve harmony, you need to think carefully about the approach you should take.


You've been eyeing a partner carefully, wondering how committed they are to your relationship. Giving and receiving gifts is not a measure of love. Look for less obvious signs of love. The language of love consists of many small things: heartfelt glances, light touches and caring gestures.