Horoscope for September 28 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for September 28 by Russell Grant


The results of a group effort are not what they used to be because of restrictions still in place, but that does not mean you should not be proud of your efforts. You are learning to approach different areas of life differently and you are finding ways to move forward. You will admit that these ways are much better than staying in place without doing anything.


Job or business discussions are important. If you are unemployed and looking for work, an offer for an interview should be considered seriously. This may be in an area where you have no experience, but you can learn because they will train you. You may feel a little stressed about what awaits you.


Someone at work or in the family has something on their mind and it is making them nervous. You will try to ease the tension, but without much success. You have your worries about work and other issues.


You may miss some important information if you do not listen to what others are saying. No matter who you are with, treat what they say as possibly helpful or important and make sure your mind does not stray from the conversation. Stay alert at all times.


Some thoughts and attention may need to be given to an issue related to a close relative. Someone you love is feeling neglected because your presence has been needed elsewhere. They think you have given too much time to work and social engagement. You may disagree, but you are not able to debate.


A colleague will trust you with something. He will discuss with you his ideas for the future. You have the impression that he is an idealist, but you do not even want to tell him that. After all, everyone has a right to dream and you may be surprised at how far hopes and dreams can lead. Seeds for the future are being sown.


You are ready and prepared to strive for your professional goals. Hope you have created the best possible impression on older colleagues who are in a position to help you advance your goals. The only disappointment is that the rewards for your hard work are slowly reaped.


Some expenses can get out of control. Online shopping can be difficult to manage. It will take a lot of willpower to resist the temptation of bidding and auctions up and down.


An unexpected offer changes the way you look at your future. Have something exciting to aim for already. Whatever your goal and whatever time it takes, you intend to achieve it. You are prepared to work hard to achieve this goal and this is a goal that can change your life.


Impatience is the only stain on a bright horizon. Someone you work with may not be able to understand the facts of an important issue. Seeking the help of a colleague above the hierarchy will not do you any good.


An idea to systematize a problem that has bothered you for some time will work. If other people are involved, it will not be difficult to get them to listen to you. With your help it will be possible to overcome this barrier.


If you buy, sell or upgrade people in your home they will not be happy anyway. The more you try to rush anyone to make decisions, the more they will hesitate.