Horoscope for October 27 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 27 by Russell Grant


Professional relationships dominate your time and thoughts. The pace has been hectic and you've been trying to please a lot of people. Not everyone will have your best interests at heart. Focus now on how you can create your own independence from those who would so willingly drag you down with them.


It is not easy to ignore negative comments made by a senior colleague. The tension in the workplace is weighing you down. If you pour your energy and interest into projects you enjoy and are happy with, you're more likely to get the recognition you deserve.


If you have an opinion on a problem or issue that concerns those around you and you are asked, tell people what you are thinking. Someone will find your way of seeing things easier. You won't even mind having to tackle tough jobs when you feel up for a mental challenge.

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A creative scheme that you have experimented with will pay off big. Although there is one area that is still causing problems. If you have to put your mind to solving these it will make the job even more interesting. You're determined to make sure a hard-working colleague gets the recognition he deserves.


Your mind is very active and creates all kinds of situations that may never happen. It will be impossible to complete a detail-oriented task if you cannot focus on the work. Sometimes you have to admit that you're not in the mood for certain activities and let someone else handle the details.


Accepting a challenge will be a good use of your leadership skills. People are looking to you to lead the way. Curb a tendency to have complete control. To keep everyone on their good side, put yourself in the other person's shoes before deciding on important issues that will affect them.


You are overly cautious and suspicious of a relationship that has barely begun. Relax. No one wants to hurt you. You may have been disappointed, angry with someone in the past, but that's how it was then. Leave it there.


A close relationship has become very predictable. Your partner is only seeing you in one light. They take your support for granted and rarely ask how you feel. Not putting effort into relationships will cause intellectual and romantic stagnation. Find ways to live, laugh and love together that make you happy and alive.


Due to work or family commitments, your partner may have to leave you temporarily. Don't take this to heart. They did not make this decision deliberately and are being honest when they say they have no other options. Accept what must be and look forward to their eventual return.


You are tired of following everyone's lead because that is what they expect and demand from you. Lack of self-confidence has caused you to put the wishes of others before your own and has caused some to start behaving like dictators. Doing something for yourself for a change will boost your self-esteem.


A flexible approach will attract several opportunities for advancement. Choose the option that is likely to provide the most intellectual stimulation. Working with a charity that provides services to a neglected part of the community will appeal to your natural, humanitarian instincts. Your professional life is undergoing major changes.


Your partner's words and actions are making you doubt the strength of this relationship. You can't help but question their love for you and are constantly testing it. Instead of playing mind games, approach them directly and discuss your feelings.