Horoscope for September 27 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for September 27 by Russell Grant


A colleague is very determined to continue his work without involving anyone else. Ask yourself what they are trying to hide and it makes you determined to find out what is going on. Use the opportunity during the day to get rid of all the problems that have been there for too long.


You are in those cases when you can very easily lose your patience. Try to be a little more open when dealing with common issues and working with other people. A message from someone from your past should be taken seriously even if you can not believe what he is telling you.


Mercury is encouraging you to watch the latest events. By doing this you will discover a solution to a problem which means you will not need to bother many people or step on the callus. Important messages will need an immediate response even if it takes some time to think better.


A big decision you made a few months ago is starting to take shape. Looking back you will notice that many things have changed to enable you to reach this point and the good news is that this is a change for the better. Even though there are obstacles ahead, do not let anything stop you.


Someone will admire your talents. They can even be offered to help you succeed in a job you undertake, as they too have skills that can be very useful. Together you will make a great team. Sometimes working with someone else brings more fun than coping with work alone.


Words and misunderstandings in communication can be a problem now and in the coming weeks. Missing or delayed correspondence may cause delays in matters with which you would have preferred to have completed by now. There is nothing that you can do about it other than be patient.


A friend will discuss a topic that touches you at the moment. They would not intend to say what they said. Whatever the case, try to keep your emotions in check. A remark you receive will be utterly unintentional. Change the subject in a subtle way to ease the tension.


Someone hoped you would be available to help them with an issue they need to deal with. This is something they have thought to themselves. You are busy making future plans. If these include travel, so far things seem to be going very well. It would not be bad if you check some of the small details for each case.


You are trying to be sober. The opposite can be said for a partner or a friend who is telling everyone everything. You will hear if they have any secrets they want to reveal and this could be something for their health. You will be glad that this is an issue they chose not to keep to themselves as you will want to be there for them when they need you.


A group activity will be something you are feeling happy about. You are ready for a challenge and it will be fun. It will be hard work but inspiring. Even though you are a newcomer, you will not feel uninvited and even people you do not know will welcome you with open arms.


There is a lot of confusion in the air. It will be good news that some things have gone out of your routine. Instead of trying to sort things out again, let your instincts guide you and focus on the issues at hand without thinking too much.


People are impressed with the results of your recent, tireless work. You are quite happy with yourself, but you also know that there is no profit without pain. You have made many sacrifices along the way, so give yourself a reward.